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Hello Child of Adventure

Yep it is that moment of the month again. Time for Adventure News.

This month we won’t be focusing on all the wonderful craziness that is the world out there. This month we will be having a look at the inner world. Specifically your inner world.

There is an aspect of you pricking up its ears right now as you read that. No not your negative ego. No not your intellect. Look enough of focusing on those narky, twisted, fearful parts of yourself. At some point there comes a time when you can, and should, actually just let those parts go. Let them go once and for all.

The aspect of yourself that is pricking up its ears and truly hoping that for the first time ever you are going to pay attention to it, is the Free Child.

Yep, the beautiful, creative, curious and giggling child. You know, the one you only allow out when no-one else is around. The one that loves to paint, write, eat a quadruple-double-decker-super-upsized-chocolate-smothered-ice-cream. The part that likes to talk to trees, birdies and flowers. The part that likes to take a bubble-bath with candles, incense and cool music.

Pablo Piccasso once said: “It took me 25 years to paint like an adult. But it has taken me my whole life to learn to paint like a child.”

Now some of you may be thinking: "oh I’m too old to be dealing with my inner child…" Hogwash! We are not talking here about running about like a feral four year old, although that might be good for you every once in a while. Remember the art of tapping into your happiness and power is deeply linked with your internal communication with the inner child.

Of all the wonderful aspects that make up you and your consciousness the free child is the one that knows what it is that truly makes you happy. Your free child is custodian of your happiness and your song, the song of your heart.

And to be absolutely up front with you, your happiness, right now, is just about the only thing that is important.

“I have no hostility to nature, but a child's love to it. I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The child is the custodian of your happiness and you are custodian of the child. The free child is not very interested in the way the illusion of the real world works. The free child is not interested in the survival aspects of this planet. What your free child is really interested in is unlocking your happiness, in the glorious, wonderful and joyous experience of life and living. The Free Child knows he / she is free.

So it is time to create and deepen your rapport with your Free Child. Give him or her the space to really express themselves. Put aside the time to allow the poetry to flow, allow yourself to go for a music lesson or a singing lesson. If you listen carefully you will realise the Free Child has been talking to you all along, talking to you through your dreams, hopes, aspirations and inspiration. The Free Child has always been there quietly, and sometimes not so quietly, attempting to tell you what it is that makes you happy. All that is required of you is to create the space where you can explore those things whatever they might be.

So in this months newsletter you will find poetry and works by people who are passionate about what they do. They are taking the time to listen to their Free Child. When we begin to listen to that voice within the magic crackles in the air, the creative juices flow and life becomes a wonderful dream. A wondrous journey, where smelling the rose is as important as getting to the destination.

You will also see that on the website we are launching two new meditations, specifically designed to assist you to re-connect and develop that relationship with your Free Child.

You will also find that we are launching a number of E-books to accompany the meditations. Each E-book is an extensive companion resource for people interested in entering the field of Magnetic Healing. So if your Free Child has always dreamed of assisting people to heal themselves then check out the E-books as well. These E-books are also powerful tools for your own Self-healing.

Oh and of course it is commerce’s wonderful month of Cupid. So why not take your Free Child out on a date. All on your own, just the two of you. Let him / her tell you where they want to go and what they want to do. Is it the art gallery? Is it to stay home and buy some hand paints? Is it to go and visit the science expo? Whatever it is let them tell you. If you listen inside yourself quietly enough they will tell you what they want to do.

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.”
Albert Einstein

A reminder again of our sister site WDHR. If you enjoy Adventure News then we are quite sure you will also enjoy the WDHR newsletter. There are also numerous E-books available on this site, so go and have a surf.

Enjoy the adventure

Simply Love

the Adventure Learning Journos

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The Free Child Meditation for Him and Her is a subtle, simple and powerful healing meditation. This meditation makes it possible for you to reconnect with that part of you that knows what you need to be happy: the Free Inner Child. The key to finding happiness is entering into communication with the Free Child within you. Through the practice of this meditation you are taking on the role of parent to your own inner child. You, the Adult, know how to deal with the the rules of the world, the Do’s and Don’ts of survival and the Free Child knows what is required for you to be happy.
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The Free Child and Relaxation
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The Free Child E-book

The Free Child Meditation E-book is a companion resource to the meditation mp3 that is now available for purchase on Meditate on The E-book serves as a valuable companion for both spiritual healers and meditation guides. As well as being a valuable resource in terms of assisting you in your own Self healing.

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“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.” Mark Twain


GRACE : Imagine green fields, a rainy sky and slowly but surely the sun starts peeking through the clouds and warming the cool, wet earth.

DIDGERIDREAMS: A homage to the Aboriginal 'Dream Time' and Altjeringa.

ANCESTRAL is a fusion of the Didgeridoo and Tibetan Bells, blended with a smooth ambient synth. This track is a doorway into the realms of deep relaxation and crystal clear perception.

UNNAMED: A harmonic guitar piece that takes you on a journey of inner wonder and love.

INNER CHILD captures the essence of the playful and warm nature of your inner child through gentle, melodic guitar.

SYMPHONY OF DREAMS is inspired by inspiration itself. Break through to new and elegant levels of perception!

the Simple Life


We received a great page this week for all you Biker Free Children out there. It is a fantastic page on biking and maintenance of your bike from Reyna Joubert. Reyna has spent a life time in the field of mentoring and has become one of our Simple Life Mentor. She has this to say of biking:

“Unlike most young men who desire their first car, as a biker woman I traded my second hand 1300cc Toyota car for a BMW 600cc motorbike at the age of 18 and my love affair with motorbikes and the biker lifestyle has not faded for the past 50 years.”

To read more click here


For all those Musos out there go and have a look at our great Guitar PagesGuitar Pages with images that make sense. Our resident guitar teacher, Andrew Pittendrigh has presented a simple and clear set of pictures that turn guitar tabs into crystal clear reading. Personally I wish my first guitar teacher had as much dedication and clarity with regards to instruction when it came to reading music. Google Image search seems to share my sentiments. For the last two months running Andrew’s pages have been at the top of our most searched pages list. Bravo!!

Enchanted Learning - Diary of Dreams


This month we received another wonderful tale from a dream or night-school as it is called. This dream came from Reyna Joubert and is entitled a strange happening. Dreams are the gateways to infinity and a lot of the time our your Free Child communicating with you in pictures and symbols.

To read Reyna’s dream click here

Power of Poetry

New Poetry

Remember that great page on dreams that we received last month from Colin. Well this month he has presented us with an amazing poem on unconditional love. A little bit of childlike wonder goes an incredibly long way.

To view the poem click here

A reminder for those of you who are poets, if you have works that you would like to publish submit them at the Creative Labs Submissions. If you have 20 poems or more you can publish them with us as a collected works e-book email: for more details.


The Next Chapter from Ruby de Vere

As promised here is the next chapter from Ruby de Vere’s wonderful book: “Postcards from Earth.” The book will soon be in print and is going through the final rigors of editing.

To read the next chapter click here

Sunshine of Your Love

Story and Task

Read the story ‘Sunshine of Your Love’. Do the best you can to tap into the feeling and presence of your own Free Inner Child as you read the story. When was the last time you truly connected with the flowers, birds and the world around you?

Click here to read the story

“I have also seen children successfully surmounting the effects of an evil inheritance. That is due to purity being an inherent attribute of the soul.” Ghandi

Adventure Stories Submission Page

Send us your Adventure Stories. Remember the greatest way to be inspired is to inspire others. Send us you tales of adventure and learning whether they are actual stories or parables, we would like to hear from you our readers.

Meet the Service Masters
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John Gamble

Be a Master of Magic is a course that will take you through the process of re-discovering and remembering that this moment is the most powerful thing you have. In the moment you can create wonderous magic and joy or you can create terror and pain. It is all up to you. Through this 6 session process John will provide you with the tools required to sculpt and design a life full of adventure, love, freedom and abundance.

For more details and for a 10% discount available through Adventure Learning Initiatives see the online brochure and booking form.

For bookings in Johannesburg:

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Musical Instruction

Guitar FUNdamentals

Andrew Pittendrigh

Learning how to play the guitar is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Guitar FUNdamentals will guide you, step-by-step, through all you require to being a guitar player in a casual and fun environment. Each and every person is unique and as such has unique skills and abilities.

Guitar FUNdamentals caters to your individual needs by teaching what you would like to learn as well as covering the necessary basics.

For bookings in Johannesburg and for more details see the full online brochure and booking form.

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