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1. Editorial

2. Meet Patches the Adventure Learning Guide

3. The Most Powerful Relaxation Meditation in the World

4. Intuitive Meditation Music

5. The Now Ten Commandments Update – Get them in Spanish

6. Power of Poetry

7. Books

Michael Corcoran and Walking on Air

Introducing Ruby de Vere’s Postcards from Earth

8. The Tale of Two Medieval Monks

9. Adventure Stories Submission Page

10. Can You Feel the Anticipation?

11. Adventure Learning’s Service Magic meet the Service Masters


Greetings Adventurers

Happy 2009, it has certainly begun with a bang. The energies of change and the power of the moment are all around us. According to the Mayan Calendar we are at the end of the fifth night of power where everything goes a bit topsy-turvy for those who are stuck in a rut. For those who are learning to be in the moment and who are becoming conscious that they consciously create their reality, well the positive possibilities for change have just increased infinitely. For those obsessed with the past and material existence only, the pressure just went up a couple of hundred degrees.

This includes most of the powers that be, hence their desperate attempts to place your attention on things that are not worth bothering about too much. Now that does not mean being ignorant and blind to what is going on around us. One of the greatest lessons I ever received was being given the task to observe the news once or twice a week. It is foolish to not know what is going on in your world. But it is even more foolish to take that news too seriously.

Dream Symbols and Intuition

We received a fantastic page this week that really exposes just how this all works. Our dream journo Colin has shared a poignant and fun tale about certain excursions he has been making during his night-dreams. He shows us how easy it really is to overcome our self-importance, which is the aspect responsible for too much seriousness. He also shows how powerful night-dreams are as an ally in assisting us to tap into our intuition. It is a fun and really informative page.

The Mayan Calendar

If you have not watched the Mayan Calendar series by Iain Lungold yet, may I suggest that you get a copy. Iain says on the DVD he has only one copyright law and that is “Copy it right and then give it to everyone you know.” In this series of lectures Iain explains very clearly the terrain that we are headed for. Well it is now the terrain we are actually in. We are in the time of no time as the Mayans and others have called it. Soon we will be right in the middle of the most exciting period of human existence and your intellect doesn’t have what it takes to pass through it, only your intuition has the tools required. See later in this newsletter some of the people offering the minimal chance to tap into the incredible resource that is your intuition.

The Relaxation Meditation

Again our timing at Adventure Learning seems to be impeccable. Why? This newsletter we are launching the most Powerful Relaxation Meditation of All. If you click through to you will find this powerful guided meditation as a free download. If you like you can stream it too. Take the time to pay it forward to a few people, remember daring to share is the first step toward acknowledging your own abundance. We are also launching the first six mediation music tracks mixed by our master muso. These will be available for purchase within the next month, but for now you can hear an excerpt from each track on So there may be craziness in the Middle East, but we are focused on giving you the tools to deal with it and to be a centre of calm in the ever-increasing whirl-wind that is reality right now. Phew what a mouthful.

Meet the Adventure Learning Guide

This month we will also be introducing you to Patches. Some of you have met him before. But Patches is now moving into Cyber Space as the Adventure Learning Initiatives Adventure Guide. He will be here to assist you with tit-bits of information and occasionally might pop in your emails to let you know about new and exciting offerings at Adventure Learning.

To the Mentors and Artists

To all the artists and mentors that have contributed so far we would like to express our appreciation to you. Thank you for daring to share. So far our poetry section of the site is growing rapidly, we would also like to see some graphic art and photography on the site, so if you or a friend would like to showcase some work don’t hesitate to submit it at Creative Labs Exhibitionists. We have also brought back the Adventure Stories Submission page, see further down for details.

We have had a good response to the service masters page as well and you can now find people who are offering their services and products on pages throughout the site.

Please note that if you are visiting pages that you have been to before ensure that you have cleared your history files in your browser, otherwise you may miss the updates on the page. Another option is to refresh the page if it still looks like it did the last time you visited the page.

So enjoy the newsletter. Without further Ado heeeeeerrrrrre’s Patches…

Simply Love
the Adventure Learning Journos

Meet Patches the Adventure Learning Guide

Meet Patches the face and spirit of Adventure Learning Initiatives. Keep an eye out for him on your adventures through the various domains of Adventure Learning. He will be around to guide and assist you with questions and pointers, as well as new specials, offerings, information and products as they become available on the sites.

The Most Powerful Relaxation Meditation of All

Announcing the release of the Most Powerful Relaxation Meditation of All. We know that is no small claim, but try it out and see for yourself. This powerful guided relaxation meditation is available for free on You can stream it or download it to your PC. It is our gift to you at the beginning of the time of no time.

Also read the Do not Disturb page to learn how to get the most out of your meditation experience.

Intuitive Meditation Music

There has been quite a buzzzz about the new Adventure Learning Initiative called Meditate On It. The biggest question on everyone’s lips was ‘Where is the MUSIC?’ Well it has arrived. Read the conceptual introduction to the music. See the first six intuitive musical tracks from our Maestro Andrew. These will soon be available for purchase from


GRACE : Imagine green fields, a rainy sky and slowly but surely the sun starts peeking through the clouds and warming the cool, wet earth.

DIDGERIDREAMS: A homage to the Aboriginal 'Dream Time' and Altjeringa.

ANCESTRAL is a fusion of the Didgeridoo and Tibetan Bells, blended with a smooth ambient synth. This track is a doorway into the realms of deep relaxation and crystal clear perception.

UNNAMED: A harmonic guitar piece that takes you on a journey of inner wonder and love.

INNER CHILD captures the essence of the playful and warm nature of your inner child through gentle, melodic guitar.

SYMPHONY OF DREAMS is inspired by inspiration itself. Break through to new and elegant levels of perception!

The Now Ten Commandments Update – Get them in Spanish

The Now Ten Commandments can now also be seen in Spanish. Once again we invite you to translate them into your own language. Currently we have them available in English, French, Russian and now Spanish.

Power of Poetry

It is said that some of the closest people to the divine are the poets. Take a look at the largest growing area in the Creative Labs and see for yourself. There is the distilled elegance of the Haiku’s on Mystery Poet Maya. The tenderness of Inspirational Poetry of Love. The humour and power of the Metaphysical Poets Corner. And the lyrical joy of the Carefree Poets Cove.

A reminder for those of you who are poets, if you have works that you would like to publish submit them at the Creative Labs Submissions. If you have 20 poems or more you can publish them with us as a collected works e-book email: for more details.


Michael Corcoran ‘Walking on Air’

Meet Michael Corcoran the master poet who has blended the inner realms of the metaphysical and poetry in his first book ‘Walking on Air.’ The poems are inspired by the Tarot. Through Michael’s mastery of verse and clarity of intuition he has produced a work that is as magical and powerful as the Tarot itself.

One reader has said: ‘Any time one reads a poem, especially a poem such as these, it opens a portal into the inner world where you can discover more of yourself.’

Introducing Ruby de Vere’s ‘Postcards from Earth’

Postcards from Earth is a powerful, intimate and inspiring tale of one woman’s journey towards freedom and wisdom. Ruby de Vere’s honest and objective account about a life dedicated to growth is a beacon of hope for all.

This book itself is a course on freedom and self-mastery. Ruby introduces us to great teachers in all guises and of course to the greatest teacher of all, Life. Download the first chapter for free at Adventure Learning.

Keep an eye out for Patches to find out when you can purchase your own copy of this companion to self-mastery and magic.

The Tale of Two Medieval Monks

Read the tale of the Two Medieval Monks and ponder on the question at the end. The trick is to work with your intuition not your intellect…

Adventure Stories Submission Page

Send us your Adventure Stories. Remember the greatest way to be inspired is to inspire others. Send us you tales of adventure and learning whether they are actual stories or parables, we would like to hear from you our readers.

Can You Feel the Anticipation?

It will be available soon…

What will?

You may well ask.

The answer is: the Most Powerful Meditation of All. Look out for Patches in the next edition of Adventure News for more details…

Meet the Service Masters
Daring to Share

If you would like to run an Advert in Adventure News email us at to find out our submission process and rates.

Courses and Adventure Quests

Patrick Desplace

Is an unusual undertaking being offered In Two Modules? The first Module will cover two full days (over the weekend) and two evenings – this will be offered in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The second Module – will be a seven night residential program and will be a significantly more advanced adventure.

You may continue to turn your back to what is being offered. However you do have a choice. Look carefully at the 5 of cups picture. Cut your losses. Bid what has been farewell - Bless it all turn round - step into what is on offer. Be in the now!

The Time is Now will endeavour to “create a present that evolves into a new, yet to be discovered and determined future.” For bookings:

Cape Town




(+27) 83 460 3653

For more details see the full Brochure

John Gamble

Be a Master of Magic is a course that will take you through the process of re-discovering and remembering that this moment is the most powerful thing you have. In the moment you can create wonderous magic and joy or you can create terror and pain. It is all up to you. Through this 6 session process John will provide you with the tools required to sculpt and design a life full of adventure, love, freedom and abundance.

For more details and for a 10% discount available through Adventure Learning Initiatives see the online brochure and booking form.

For bookings in Johannesburg:

(+27) 76 833 1059


Private Healing Consultations


In a safe, caring environment Verena guides you through your own individual healing experience. She uses different techniques to assist in releasing energy blocks, as well as balancing and realigning the body to its natural state.

Through the healing process, you are presented with options and are given the support on whatever level you are willing to receive and accept it, to revise that which has limited you from living the life you deeply desire. You will be able to make choices that can change your life significantly and in a purposeful manner.

For more information and bookings see the online brochure. Book online with Adventure Learning Initiatives and you will receive a 10% discount.

For bookings in Johannesburg:


(+27) 82 560 6995

Private Healing Consultations

John Gamble

John takes you through a focused simple healing process that makes life changing results possible for you over a recommended maximum of three sessions. This is due to the fact that John makes it possible for you to tap into your own incredible inner resources. Do not be deluded into thinking it will be done for you. Be aware that you will be given certain tasks and opportunities to confront and clear what is in your way, once and for all.

For more information and bookings see the online brochure. Book online with Adventure Learning Initiatives and you will receive a 10% discount.

For bookings in Johannesburg:


(011) 704 0900

Musical Instruction

Guitar FUNdamentals

Andrew Pittendrigh

Learning how to play the guitar is one of the most rewarding experiences of your life!

Guitar FUNdamentals will guide you, step-by-step, through all you require to being a guitar player in a casual and fun environment. Each and every person is unique and as such has unique skills and abilities.

Guitar FUNdamentals caters to your individual needs by teaching what you would like to learn as well as covering the necessary basics.

For bookings in Johannesburg and for more details see the full online brochure and booking form.

Or Contact Andrew directly:

(+27) 83 605 4871


Walking on Air by Michael Corcoran

Postcards from Earth by Ruby de Vere


Service Masters: if you are a practitioner, consultant, mentor or artist see the Service Master page to find out what the process is to market and make your services available through our site.

Artists: publish your works at the Creative Labs. If you would like to publish your works on the web go to Creative Labs exhibitionist Application and submit your work for free showcasing.

Mentors in the field of the Arts: Go to the Creative Project Ideas Application and apply to become a mentor online with Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Mentor in the joys of living the Simple Life: Do you have expertise in cooking, gardening or anything that improves peoples ability to enjoy the simple and yet so important things in life? Then go to the Simple Life Mentor Application page and find out how you can share your knowledge and experience online.

If you would like to run an Advert in Adventure News email for more details.