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Dear Adventure Learners and Finders

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Adventure News. We are now two months on from our last newsletter and we have been busy. is now moving into the more formative stages of childhood. The teething process is almost over and we have hit the 3000 people a month traffic mark. Alexa has also decided that we are worthy of a ranking within the top 10% of the World Wide Web, Hurray!


The other great news is we have another BABY! Our new site has just been born. Some of you might have had a sneak preview of her by following the links under the meditation section of her older sister is now ready to spread her wings on the World Wide Web. This meditation web initiative is dedicate to inspiring stillness and clarity in the Now age. There are helpful tips and exercises on meditation and intuition as well as informative conceptual pages on living a deeper and fuller human experience. Do you choose a life of happiness, freedom and love, or a life of rioting and unemployment? Meditate On It…

The Now Ten Commandments: Translations in French and Russian

For those of you who have seen the Now Ten Commandments on our site translations in French and Russian are now available. If you have not seen the Now Ten Commandments yet we suggest having a look at these potent energies that are shaping the future.

The American President-Elect
Did He Read the Pay It Forward Section
of Adventure Learning Initiatives?

We think American President-Elect Barack Obama read some of the pages in the new Pay It Forward section of ALI, especially after his statement answering financial concerns in America:

“Even as we dig ourselves out of this recession, we must also recognize that out of this economic crisis comes an opportunity to create new jobs and keep our economy competitive in the 21st century…

Doing all this will require not just new policies, but a new spirit of service…”

Who's afraid of trillion dollar deficits? Not Obama... We think he could teach a thing or two to the people of Greece and China who have decided rioting and mob mentality is the best way to overcome economic down turns and financial fears. Or, maybe they should just check out the new Pay It Forward section of ALI. Our Mentors on a Mission are all about a new level of service and appreciation in the world. We spoke of running the opposite direction to the lemmings in the last edition of Adventure News. Well, now we are offering you a concrete forum that is all about running the opposite direction to the chaos and fear mongers out there.

The Information Age is over. Even the web is aware of this. The average surfer is now seeking the best information wave of value and service. Our Pay It Forward Circle of Life Forum is all about creating those waves. We offer you a place to inspire and share your knowledge, skills and services. Now you can really put into action the act of service and appreciation by inspiring people through sharing and living an inspiring life.

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Well that’s all from the editor’s desk. Enjoy your adventure through the newsletter.

Simply Love
the Adventure Learning Journos

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The Launch of Meditate On It

T-minus 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

We have lift off… Ladies, Gentlemen and Others Meditate On It has entered cyberspace.

The Pay It Forward Initiative Begins

This month the Adventure Learning Synergy launched one of their most daring pay it forward projects to date: The Service Master Marketing and Referrals Forum. If your are a health and wellness practitioner, professional artist, consultant, mentor or teacher apply to be part of our innovative marketing and referral forum…

The Simple Life’s New Face

The birth of an evolving forum focused on mentoring people in living the simple life and the arts. The Simple Life is also a forum for exhibiting and showcasing your unique art…

Introducing the Creative Labs’ Exhibitionists

We Have Added Audio to Our Site!!
New to our creative labs’ exhibitionist forum are singer, musician Victoria and songwriter Peter. Hear our young rising super-star singing magical lyrics and playing her original music.

Introducing Michael Corcoran and his tarot inspired book of magnificent poetry: ‘Walking on Air’. Wherever you are in the world, if you would like a copy of Walking on Air, contact us at

The Creative Project Ideas

Are you knowledgeable in a field of the arts? Would you like to mentor aspiring artists in your artistic forte…? Currently we offer informative material in the arts of guitar, branding and screenplay writing…

The Simple Life

View our magic garden mentor’s contributions, take the time to spruce up your garden yourself. Get a great sense of fulfillment and joy from connecting with Gaia in your own garden…

See Helena's new Cooking contributions, discover your own culinary mastery and dazzle friends with these simple gems of culinary genius…

Please note that our audio streaming means that you can now offer mentorship through audio recordings.

Our Mission is Online

See the Adventure Learning Mission Desk: The What, Where and Because, of Adventure Learning Initiatives

See Our New Free Exercises on
the Enchanted Learning Pages

Ever wondered how you can floss your mind?  

Ever thought about the real definition of wisdom?

What would it be like to be beyond the zone?

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The Time is Now…

An Adventure Quest with Patrick Desplace

Is an unusual undertaking being offered In Two Modules? The first Module will cover two full days (over the weekend) and two evenings – this will be offered in Johannesburg and Cape Town. The second Module – will be a seven night residential program and will be a significantly more advanced adventure.

The Time is Now will endeavour to “create a present that evolves into a new, yet to be discovered and determined future”.

For bookings:
(+27) 83 460 3653

For more details see the full Brochure