Will Adventure Learning
Inspire You?

Adventure Learning

Will Adventure Learning Spark your Imagination?

And where will the journey lead you?

On an inward adventure quest to discover your Self or

out into a world of adventure?

Maybe Both!!!


Virtual World Adventure Quest


Adventure Learning 101:

It's 9am and you've just finished an exotic breakfast. You are looking out over an inviting crystal blue sea or an Amazon jungle canopy - or an Egyptian desert expanse or...

Anticipation fills the air!
You are surrounded by warm friendly people - People in the learning channel of life, who have travelled from all over the world. Some heard a freedom call and others simply enjoy learning interactions.

Someone asks: What new magic will I find today?
Others are laughing as they tell whimsical stories of their journey to this destination.

Then a mentor invites you to the first session...
Is this a boring traditional classroom?
A mediocre educational travel experience?

Is this a setting for an extraordinary enchanted learning experience?
Is this the beginning of an extraordinary Life Journey?

Adventure Learning

Enriching Self Development

Do you want a lifestyle lift and master your Self online in the comfort of your home? If So? Your Imagination becomes a tropical adventure island to be explored and revisited.

Do you want to live a life with purpose?
Be inspired by the pivotal stories and knowledge of modern mentors and mystic teachers. And pay it forward by sharing some of Your Experiences and Knowledge.

Or do you choose your own adventure experiencing the world?
When you begin to explore your internal world you awaken a passionate desire to explore the world around you…

Free Encounters in CyberSpace

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Adventure Learning

Listen to a Virtual Experience Audio Clip...

Listen to a Virtual Experience Audio Clip with Harry Gamble

Current Seminars

Enter the Magic Theatre...

Adventure Learning

World Adventure Learning

Are you a world adventure traveller?

Would you love to be one?
See the exotic destinations we choose for our journeys to self awareness

Be inspired by fun stories and magical tales of overseas adventure travel

Do you hear the freedom call?
Experience the pleasure of seeing planet Earth.

Embark on a life long adventure quest of overseas adventure travel

Adventure Learning

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Adventure Learning Initiatives.

Come join the Adventure...

Adventure Learning

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Adventure Learning

Discover Your Life

We aspire to a life filled with love, romance and celebration.
Are you looking to expand your experiences?
Spreading your wings and learning to fly?
Explore Adventure Learning pathways to freedom.

So, with that in mind,
what adventure freedom trail do you choose???

Adventure Learning

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